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Oct 2, 2011 9:00am EDT
uses that word. >> reporter: for mitt romney, he invoked winston churchill for his flip flop. >> when the facts change, i change, too. >> reporter: finally, sarah palin suggested that the title president might simply be too limiting for me. >> as a title and campaign too shackling, does that prohibit me from being out there? out of a box, not allowing handlers to shape me. >> reporter: shackling, in other words, not mavericky. and trending this week -- florida, up. it's primary now january 3 1st. south carolina, down, still first in the south but now sure to be overshadowed by florida. rick perry, down. looking kind of like the red sox, but not that bad. chris christie up, we're not sure, but definitely up. ron paul down. the most wanted terrorist in the world is killed and he said that it's quote, sad, really? and herman cain, up, way up. a fox news poll putting him in third place, statistically tied with rick perry. with this week in politics, i'm jonathan karl. >>> so a big week for businessman herm yn cain and he joins me right now. you had a pretty big high the straw poll, how ar
Oct 23, 2011 9:00am EDT
, afghanistan rages on, is the u.s. making much headway on that battle field? a question for our headliner, secretary of state hillary clinton. >>> then -- fight night in vegas. >> rick, again -- >> i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> is the real winner of the romney/perry bout, president obama? our roundtable go inside campaign 2012. >>> and two in general opposite corners come together. tom donohue and richard trumka, the strategy they share for putting america back to work. >>> good morning. lots to get to today. but first some news since your morning papers. breaking news to report, a powerful 7.2 earthquake has rocked turkey, with its epicenter near the city of van a local mayor reports there are so many dead several buildings have collapsed. there's too much destruction, he says. rescue workers are struggling to reach victims trapped under the rubble. >>> milestone in the middle east this morning, the first election of the arab spring, the uprising began in tunisia last september. today, tu knnisitunisians heade polls. results will be announced tomorrow. >>> in libya, a day of jubilation,
Oct 30, 2011 9:00am EDT
that year to year attacks are down. the united nations said that attacks overall on civilians are up 40%. u.s. forces here say that this attack is a sign of taliban desperation, but that seems debatable. attacks by the taliban here in kabul are getting more brazen and more deadly. christiane? >> thanks, jake. the attack comes as president obama is trying to drawn down troops in that war. >>> turning now to the republican primary and herman cain, he muscles his way to number one in the des moines register poll. cain inches out mitt romney for the top spot by just a hair. ron paul is next with 12%. michele bachmann who tied romney for first place just two months ago, is now number 4 at 8%. and rick santorum brings up the rear with just 5%. the poll caps off a busy week with campaign punch and counterpunch. here's our man jon karl with a very special halloween episode of "this week in politics." >> reporter: this week in politics was the spookiest yet. starting with that smokin' herman cain video, that slow-motion smile. then we saw cain made even stranger videos. like the one with the cowboy ca
Oct 9, 2011 8:00am PDT
in greenwich village. police here in washington, used pepper spray on a group of protesters trying to enter the air and space museum. forcing the building to close two hours ago. cecilia, what's happening there right now? >> good morning to you, christiane. this is the park where it all started about one month ago. let me show you what's happening out here. just waking up this morning. there are dozens of uniformed police officers just monitoring the situation right now. largely it remains very peaceful and at this hour, very quiet. this is a very self-sufficient group out here. they have does pouring in. to supply them with food. they have their own newspaper called occupy wall street journal. they plan to hold more demonstrations today. so far, christiane, there appears to be no end in sight. >> cecilia, thank you. >>> but, in london, paul mccartney ties the knot with his american fiancee, nancy shevell. this is sir paul's third trip down the aisle. his first wife linda died of breast cancer in 1998 and his second marriage to model heather mills ended in a divorce in 2008. >>> one of rick
Oct 16, 2011 8:00am PDT
on their own. >> colin, thank you for joining us. jon? >> the idea that the anti-wall street is going to be the centerpiece of president obama's campaign, something david plouffe suggested -- >> david axelrod didn't. >> it's problematic. they know it's problematic. the president supported wall street bailout in the first place, the administration of tim geithner and hammered by the left by many of the people at the protests as being basically a tool of wall street. >> let's go back and talk about rick perry some more. there have been, again, this sort of disappointing debate performance this week. there were comments from his wife, she said they've been brutalized partly because of his christian faith. do they have the fight to go on? questions as to whether he wants to be president given his demeanor at the table. >> dave kearney who is running the perry campaign, joe friday of talkers, had two poignant but critical points in the dan balz piece, covering this since jesus was a little boy, knows of what he speaks, message is more important than chatter and the polls are polaroids, tha
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)